How to participate PUTORSEN's Test Plan?

 Hi, to those who trust PUTORSEN and passionate about our products, we are delighted to have you guys cooperating with us.

Generally, after we releasing new products, we need more reviews to gain more competitiveness among a considerable amount of sellers who also offering similar goods as we do. 

Therefore, your review is of importance to the ranking of our products, it would be very nice of you guys if you can leave us more verified purchased reviews on Amazon. 

Here we go, the following procedures are how we usually work with buyers who want to have a test about our new products.

1. Contact our customer service through social media (InstagramTwitter,or Facebook), email, or Telegram 

2. Choose the product you would like to test.

3. Buy the product on Amazon in full price temporarily.

4. Publish your review and take a screenshot after receiving the product for 7days.

5. Send the details, for instance order number, screenshot to the customer service you contacted.

6. We will refund you the money through PayPal(The PayPal fee is not included).

These are how we cooperate with a tester. Find anything you want to tell us? Feel free to say!  Your trust can be highly appreciated! We sincerely looking forward to working with PUTORSEN!