Sedentary behavior in the office continues to be a growing concern in urban centers across every continent and highlights a problem that many companies may not be ready to face. Not only do their employees dislike being sedentary, they are also concerned about the negative effects of sedentary behavior.


Something needs to be done to support employees' growing awareness of issues such as "sedentary disease" and their call for a healthier workplace. Not every company can be the Apple of the world, with a creative and adaptive work environment.


Here are five ways your company can get started:


  1. Design to accommodate a sit-stand work environment. Rather than treating it as an afterthought, bring it up at the beginning of a new build or rework. Even if you don't go sit-stand from the start, you'll still have a plan. Remember collaborative spaces as well as workstations or conference rooms.


  1. Investigate your sitting and standing options. Indeed, now is the perfect time to find the right workstation to meet the needs of any employee. As one employee put it, "As you know, when I bought my fitness station, I was the first person in an office of about 200 people to work standing up. I was worried that this would cause problems, but what happened shocked me." . Dozens of people followed in my footsteps and are now standing at work, and every year in my review I receive positive feedback about the impact I've had on my colleagues and my commitment to a healthy lifestyle."


  1. Help injured employees immediately. Nothing shakes up productivity more than those who are injured, unable to focus or often rushed to the doctor's office quickly because of the chair. Giving this group access to sit-stand computers can help them relieve back stress through frequent posture changes. When many employees incorporate sit-to-stand into their daily routines, they self-report less back pain or fewer health-related care visits, such as chiropractic visits.


  1. Don't neglect healthy employees. Incorporate a three- to five-year sit-to-stand work environment strategy into your wellness program to protect healthy employees before they start to get hurt. The costs associated with not addressing a worker's emerging health issues can add up quickly. Preemptive support to help healthy employees stay healthy can impact their productivity and your bottom line.


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