In this article, I will discuss the main reasons why some people want to purchase a standing desk converter. Not like the monitor desk mount, a standing desk converter is a piece of furniture that is either attached to a desk or placed on top of a desk, which allows you to raise and lower one or multiple platforms so that you can work while standing up.

We have sold tens of thousands of standing desk converters in the past few years and have received great reviews from many consumers. Many of them believe that this has brought about a significant change in their work style and also improved their physical health. Here are the benefits of using a standing desk converter that we have summarized:


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1.Creates a healthier work environment.


2.Cheaper than most standing desks.


3.You can keep your existing desk, so you don't have to spend more money buying a new desk.


4.You don't have to commit to standing all the time. With a standing desk converter, you can switch between sitting and standing.


5.Most standing desk converters require less assembly. They are easy to install and provide a great user experience.


6.Portable. If you want to move your standing desk converter around, it is much more convenient than moving a whole desk.


7.Many different styles of standing desk converters are available to choose from.


8.Improves posture and reduces back pain.


9.Many come with a keyboard tray, allowing you to use both a mouse and keyboard, which is more beneficial to your health and improves work efficiency.

10.Can increase focus and productivity. After using a standing desk converter, you may find that your focus has improved, which can help improve work efficiency.