We know that many of you have worked at home since COVID-19. A global survey has found that more than half of employees work from home at least once a week.


In order to help all employees accept a healthy work style, we apply the same health principles to home offices. With the least amount of time and effort, your home office can better reflect the three important principles of health and happiness: exercise, nature, and nutrition.


  1. Geta flexible workstation


Perhaps you already know how important exercise is for health and happiness. As a company based on functional and beneficial ergonomic products design principles, we believe this is the most important starting point for any office renovation, especially when starting from home.


A standing desk is a simple way to inject a small amount of exercise into your day. Unfortunately, they are often absent from home office settings. In some cases, cost is a barrier, which is well justified. But more often than not, this is a matter of misunderstanding.


People usually believe that when they work from home, they move more. Although you may start washing clothes or taking out the trash, everyone who works from home will face another reality at some point. Realize that your home office is usually as sedentary as a traditional office, if not longer. Investing in a flexible workstation or a monitor arm can ensure that you can find time to stand, stretch, and walk no matter what your workday brings.


  1. Buy some plants that are easy to care


Plants integrate natural elements into your home office, bringing health and inspiration to your space. Add some easy to maintain plants to evoke the feeling of being outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have a home office with plenty of natural light, mix the plants on the table and floor.


In addition, when purchasing new items for your office space, please prioritize natural elements. If you want to buy shelves, you can consider using natural wood. When you hang photos, include photos of your favorite beach or park. Adding natural elements, especially plants, is a good way to bring outdoors indoors, calm the senses, and purify the air.


  1. Make healthy choices in the kitchen


One of the biggest benefits of working from home and having healthy choices is having a kitchen within reach. However, when it comes to health updates, you need to pay attention to what's in your pantry and refrigerator. Just like the company lounge, it is almost impossible to give up candy and snacks when under pressure and on a hunger strike. Having simple and healthy choices at hand can make the decision-making process easier, which is particularly important during busy days.


When working from home, in order to improve nutrition, it is important to stock up on snacks such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts.


A quick and simple introduction to home office updates inspired by health. Especially because making changes at home can reduce 'red tape'. Take the first step today, once you try these ideas, integrate some of your own ideas.