Home>US Exclusive>(US EXCLUSIVE) PUTORSEN Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Sit Stand Home Office Table with Splice Board, Black Frame/Black Top Stand Up Computer Desk with Memory Preset Controller
(US EXCLUSIVE) PUTORSEN Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Sit Stand Home Office Table with Splice Board, Black Frame/Black Top Stand Up Computer Desk with Memory Preset Controller

(US EXCLUSIVE) PUTORSEN Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Sit Stand Home Office Table with Splice Board, Black Frame/Black Top Stand Up Computer Desk with Memory Preset Controller Item NO.: PTESD-S3B

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Product Name (US EXCLUSIVE) PUTORSEN Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk, 48 x 24 Inches Sit Stand Home Office Table with Splice Board, Black Frame/Black Top Stand Up Computer Desk with Memory Preset Controller
Weight 30.8 kg = 67.9024 lb = 1086.4380 oz
Category US Exclusive
Creation Time 2020-11-09

  • 【ELECTRIC HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE LIFT SYSTEM】PUTORSEN height adjustable electric standing desk's sturdy and stable design provides a superior ergonomic sit-stand office experience. The motor lift mechanism offers smoother height adjustments, from 28" to 47.6", at a speed of 1"/second with low noise(under 50 dB) while running.
  • 【PROGRAMMABLE HEIGHT RANGE】 A 7-button controller with 3 programmable memory presets let you transition from sitting to standing at the press of a button. The simple controller features memory presets for saving your ideal height settings. Set the time in advance, and the desk will tell you when to stand and sit.
  • 【SPACIOUS WORK AREA】The large work surface measuring 48" x 24" to provides ample space for a variety of monitor or laptop setups along with important work projects and office supplies. The elegant black color fits various home office environments perfectly.
  • 【SOLID CONSTRUCTION】With an industrial-grade steel frame and a solid desktop, this desk is able to support up to 176 lbs(80 kg) with maximum stability and sturdiness for supporting your office products inside your computer workstation.
  • 【TRUSTWORTHY】When you buy a PUTORSEN home office table, you get our fantastic LIFETIME full warranty! PUTORSEN's friendly tech support team are willing to help with any questions or concerns. PLEASE NOTE: *****The desk top is composed of 2 parts *****



I have ADHD and sometimes bad posture if I sit too long. Although I still sit most of the time, It's really nice to be able to stand up and keep the productivity elevated as well. For a full-time student as well as running a business from home, this has met all of my needs and expectations. Very sturdy feel! after some time I may replace the table top portion with some natural cut wood with resin to match the rest of my decor of my home.



First off if you’re even considering getting any standing desk for your work, DO IT. I haven’t sat for more than probably an hour this whole week which totaled probably 45 hours or so. It’s so much easier to be focused and stay working, my productivity has pretty much disappeared. As far as this specific desk goes, I would say it is a really great budget choice to get into the standing desk game. While it is relatively featureless compared to some electric desks, those are a lot more expensive and honestly I haven’t felt like I’ve been missing anything from it (specifically speaking of the programmed button-mapped heights some desks have). It’s super easy to put together, even by yourself, looks fantastic on its own and makes your setup look dope as well, always a plus.Being only 4 feet wide, I had to find additional shelving and space to put things like my PC on, not a big deal at all. I’d feel very nervous having EVERYTHING on the desk all the time anyhow when it moves up and down, and I kinda like the look of having different sections of surface faces. It can definitely work as a desktop workstation setup if you do find that additional surface space, but if you only had a laptop, this would be aces. It’s incredibly sturdy even close to maximum height (I use it at about 95% and I am 6’1”) and on carpet as well.Overall this thing is sick, I’m very pleased with it, and am definitely going to be sticking with it for a long time until I get a third monitor. Standing while working + gaming has been awesome, I can definitely tell the difference in how I feel at the end of the day. This desk isn’t trying to be crazy fancy or feature packed, and considering Staples has desks that are just normal and come close to this price, it does an AMAZING job for where it slots in.THE GOOD- Looks great- Incredibly study at pretty much any height- Easy to assemble- Wide enough for all the workstation necessities including two monitors.THE BAD- Cable routing holes towed the back are very small, definitely more meant for a laptop charger and a printer cable or something. Don’t expect to fit desktop power, video cables, AND mouse and keyboard cables through there.- Not super deep for gaming. I’m an arm aimer, and there’s not a ton of depth to do what I’d like but I’m picking up new legs for my riser which should solve that.- Not a whole ton of cable management going on. Would’ve liked to see at least one sleeve or cable rest, but I guess you can always get those on your own.



Really nice desk and nice price.



I love the desk! It's very sturdy and great quality. The adjustable motor is not loud at all and it adjusts very smoothly! I was initially missing a piece from my shipment and I was easily able to work with FlexiSpot and get the missing piece shipped out and delivered in no time. They did not give me any issues and were happy to resolve my problem. Overall, the desk is great and I'm glad I no longer have to sit for long periods at a time.



Spent about 2 hours putting it together and drilling some extra holes so I could place the accessories exactly where I wanted them. Nice rock solid metal frame, goes up and down flawlessly. I may replace the top with a single piece of wood since the seam and fingerprints are annoying me slightly.



I love this desk so much! It's a great size but it's also nice and compact! my old desk was so clunky and took up so much space..yet somehow had a smaller work area than this one! It fits perfectly downstairs in my house so I can work and also still be in the main area of my house!I love that I can use it sitting or standing up. Such a game changer for someone who is constantly on a computer for work. Not only am I working full time from home, but I also run an Etsy business. The desk easily goes taller with the push of a button. It really makes my life so much easier just being able to adjust the height of it for all my different needs throughout the day!The stand up feature is nice when I need a break from sitting and also is helpful for when I am packaging my Etsy orders and still need a workspace. It helps me not have to clear off a space on my kitchen island.Highly recommend this desk to anyone who is looking to up their game working at home and wanting to make their life easier! It was super easy to assemble and also helps me work on my bad posture. It even has holes in the back to put all your cords through so they aren't hanging all over the place. A+!



I know I'm not best to assemble things, but the guide and tools are very easy to find. Put together well enough, easy to assemble for anyone who assembles regularly. Best of luck!



This is a solid desk and great value. Plenty of space for 2 or maybe even 3 monitors. Very happy with it.



This was so easy to put together. The instructions were well written and easy to follow. The screws and bolts were well packaged and labeled. It took me less than an hour to put the desk together. It’s a bit wobbly when it’s lifting up, but not scarily so.



This desk is beautiful. It took me a little over an hour to assemble. The desk rises a lot higher than I had expected which is a huge plus. I used it for a while and found it a nice change from sitting around and working. If you’re looking for a more productive and healthy solution to working from home, this desk is for you.



I am very happy with this purchase it was extraordinarily easy for my daughter and I too assemble I have the church's brand new live stream system on it and it supports the weight we had it for the first time last Sunday and we use the system to raise and lower the live stream at during the service and I believe that we received the maximum value for our money this is a great fit.



Great product, good quality. Assembly was easy and the construction is pretty solid.One gripe... when raising or lowering the desk if your finger slips off the button slightly it stops the motor. If you roll it back on the buttons quickly to recover, once in a while it almost shorts the computer and both up an down buttons completely stop working. It locks up and freezes and becomes unresponsive. A work around is to cycle the button computer by unplugging the AC cord and replugging it, and the buttons and motor kick right back on like it's new again.Overall a great product I recommend for sure.



this is a great desk! easy assembly. the surface of the desk is soo spacious, there’s plenty of room for all types of projects. perfect for crafting and working from home. plenty of space, & cord organization. smoothly moves up and down to perfect heights! so easy to use! a must have for anyone working from home.



I really love this desk. It is made very well and it's wide to hold all kinds of things you need on your office desk. It is easy to assemble and worth the money.



Not too big, not too small, just sexy. ;) Only issue I have with it, is that the top right and the bottom left corner of the table comes off the ground easily, but once you have your computer and stuff on it, it will be fine, but that's just my main issue. Not sure why you would be putting any force from the bottom up, but just in case you want to know, but other than that, buy it. ;) I would give it 5 stars if it wasn't for that issue, but the top left and bottom right is sturdy. I just wish it was every corner, but for the price and everything this table offers, I would still buy it, but like I said, once you have your stuff on the table, you wont even notice it. ;)



Product is great and fits area perfectly. Customer support is amazing and was able to send out a missing cable within a couple days of my request. I would definitely purchase again and recommend to others.



This Flexispot standing desk is a MUSTHAVE that I didn’t know I needed until I got it. I work long days at a desk and I was always bending over if I was standing up and it was never the right height for me sitting. THIS desk is SO fun to move up and down to the perfect height and is beautiful in my office space. Assembly took a little time to figure out.... but once figured out it is perfect!



My wife uses it for sewing and embroidery, relieves the stress on her back. Power up down works great, she's happy so I am.



I assembled this myself and I am in my 60’s.I’m so glad that I purchased it.



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 This has been a game changer. Like a lot of people I have been working from home for a little over a year, with the back pain and extra pounds to prove it. Buying this desk has changed everything. It has helped relieve my back issues by allowing me to stand or sit and has given me the space for an under desk elliptical to keep the blood pumping during the day.I was able to put it together by myself with relative ease. I consider myself handy, so take your own assembly skills into consideration before starting. It is a little heavy so if you can, have someone near to help stand it up after it's together. It has been a few weeks with no issues at all. I fit two monitors and random junk comfortably on the desk. I couldn't be happier with this choice!

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