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  • 2020-11-29
    Cable management is a breeze. The placement of the headphone holder is out of the way but accessible. The materials used are of good quality, but don’t expect them to be $1,000 quality. The height adjustment is very smooth and the “123” on the adjustment panel means 123 cm; this can be changed to inches. The manual will show you how to do this. The feet of the desk have rubber on the bottom and can be adjusted to make the desk level (mine was level out of the box).
  • 2020-11-28
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     I upgraded from a normal standing desk. Due to this pandemic, I was getting tired sitting at the same spot. I started finding tables that could be adjustable just like I had in my office. I saw the prices were above $400 or more. This table came to me as a recommendation and I was surprised by the price. I was a bit afraid about the quality but I was amazed by the quality of the table.Pros:- Really sturdy frame- Adjustable height with memory- Cable management built inCons:- Need to people at least to join the table- Some instructions were not present to join the table
  • 2020-11-25
    First, the delivery was pretty fast. The package was delivered properly without any issues. This was my first time assemling such a table and had no prior experience with it. The instructions provided were pretty simple to follow. The screws and other parts were all there as required. After assembling the table, it really looks good. Very sturdy. The table top gives a good feel of high quality. The memory feature works well. It makes a little bit of sound while going up or down but thats expected. So you dont have to worry about that. This is a pretty good buy for the price.
  • 2020-11-22
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     What a great table for people who’s currently work from home! Opening up the box, set-up may look daunting but set-up was super easy, and take it from someone with the average tool skills! Tip: make sure the rod is really secured, or else you’ll have one side going up while the other side stays stagnant. The black definitely compliments my set-up, and now it has definitely kept me more productive while working. It’s able to keep memory of multiple settings, so I’m able to adjust from sitting to standing with a push of button. Plus the tray and hook that’s included are a big plus, it allows me to keep the top of my table clean and organized!
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