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  • 2021-01-07
    Very clean instructions. I was able to assemble mostly by myself in about 2 hours.
  • 2021-01-06
    Product is what it says it is and is a good buy for the cost. Requires quite a bit of assembly, but instructions are clear and easy to follow.
  • 2021-01-05
    Great desk. Nice and sturdy. Memory settings make it easy. Cable management tray could be better (bigger)
  • 2021-01-03
    Putorsen adjustable electric desk is easy to setup following the instructions in the booklet provided and the table is sturdy, spacious to accommodate multiple screens. It has been a month I have bought the desk and I like it so far. Customer service is great - I had a question regarding the delivery and they responded in 24 hours.
  • 2021-01-02
    Love how sturdy the desk is. It does not wobble when you adjust from sitting to standing. I know people have spent much more money on a standing desk that is not very stable.
  • 2020-12-29
    Was looking for a sit-stand desk for about a month. This one fits my needs. Very easy to assemble with a electric screwdriver and a Allen Wrench bit instead of the tool they provide. This is one sturdy desk and no wobble w/ 2 screen and a laptop. The control panel is easy to operate and program. The up-and-down feature runs smooth with no skipping or wobbling of the screens.
  • 2020-12-29
    Easy to assemble, sturdy and wide space, great customer service.
  • 2020-12-28
    So happy I stumbled upon this desk during my endless search for the perfect standing desk. I expected the quality to be so-so for the price I paid, especially when compared to competitors pricing $400. I installed it myself and had it up and running within the hour. I like the preset options since I'm changing positions quite often. Overall, really great buy and I've already recommended it (and this brand) to a few of my friends. My purchase came with a free monitor stand which has also been convenient.
  • 2020-12-27
    I recently bought two standing desks. A PUTORSEN desk to keep at my girlfriend's apartment, and a smaller Greesum desk for my own (tiny) apartment. I chose these desks because they were both literally the cheapest motorized standing desks I could find in the sizes I needed, but I'm quite happy with both. My girlfriend's desk cost her company ~$1000 from a name brand, and she's been eyeing my PUTORSEN with a bit of jealousy. 😅Here's my review of the PUTORSEN desk, and how it stacks up against the Greesum.In short, the PUTORSEN desk is excellent (in spite of the odd company name). The memory function works very well. I checked its repeatability with a tape measure, and it always seemed to hit my memory setting with a high degree of accuracy. The motion is smooth and quiet.The tabletop itself is actually made up of two pieces. This made me nervous at first, because there's a slight gap between them. I work with a lot of tiny parts in my day job as an engineer, and I was concerned that some parts might fall into the crack. Once I had the desk fully assembled though, it became pretty clear to me that the gap was too small to pose a serious risk of that. I use some tiny o-rings that might be small enough to fall in, but even they would need to go in perfectly side-on, so it's not something I'm worrying about anymore.The small rotating storage area under the desk is pretty neat, and quite helpful. I was able to put a bunch of stuff in there that otherwise would have taken up space on the desktop. The Greesum desk that I bought doesn't include anything like that, and I definitely miss it. The hook at the end of the PUTORSEN desk is nice too, though I haven't used it yet.Also, I appreciate that the PUTORSEN desk has a place for you to secure the power brick that provides electricity to the motor. This is something I took for granted on the PUTORSEN desk, until I set up the Greesum desk, where the power adapter is just left hanging down off the controller. Yikes.The main downside of the PUTORSEN desk is that it took a while to assemble. This is the only thing about it that I wasn't wild about. I think it took me ~3 hours, though I was going quite slowly and listening to a podcast along the way. By contrast, I only spent about 2 hours building the Greesum desk.However, the main reason for this is because of all the extra features of the PUTORSEN desk, like the swing-out storage and the hook. Also some small points of attention to detail. For example, on the Greesum desk, I fastened the tabletop directly to the legs of the desk. On the PUTORSEN desk, however, there's an extra step, where you sandwich some anti-vibration rubber pads between the legs and the tabletop. It takes more time, but in the end it makes me feel like the PUTORSEN desk is just a bit better in terms of quality.
  • 2020-12-27
    My first move in being more active during the pandemic and working from home is to have a treadmill. With that goal reached, I’m aiming to stand up more to improve my posture and relieve some back aches. I’ve seen several people in the office who moved to a standing desk so this was on my list. While researching, I found out that there are also electric ones so I wouldn’t have to manually crank the table up and down should I decide I want to sit instead. I was overwhelmed by the choices available when I looked it up actually. But of course, since I have not owned one before, I went with one that is moderately priced. I’m also using this for my home office so it can’t be as big as the ones I’ve seen in other people‘s offices before.I went ahead and invested in this 48” desk. When the desk arrived, I was doubting my purchase for a bit since the box was bigger and heavier than expected. I couldn’t haul it into the house without my husband’s help. As a result, I asked him to help assemble it as well. It didn’t seem too difficult to assemble. My husband completed it in about 30 minutes with me being chatty in the background. Once my husband completed the assembly, the table did not see that big. Most of the bulky, heavy box was for the legs and table frame. This made the table very sturdy considering the small size.At home, I’m working on my 15” MacBook Pro. Since my laptop is small, it doesn’t take up much space on the desk. The desk is big enough for me to spread out several piles of paperwork as I review them and going back and forth between that and my laptop. The desk came with an accessories storage tray. I have not made much use of it since I only need 1-2 pens that just ended up on the table. The tray is pushed in to save space most of the time. There is also a hook on the side. Looks like it could be used for a gaming headphones or hanging smaller items, but I found it useful to hang my small handbag for a quick grab and go when I leave the house.One of the features I found very useful for me was the memory setting for the height. With toddler kids running around, sometimes they will adjust my desk when I was not paying attention or when I’ve stepped away from the desk. But since there is a memory option, I only need to push one button to get back to my original setting.So far, I’ve made great use of this table. I’ve been standing more, but of course there are lazy days when I just lower it and sit as usual. Even then, it’s still great to have the standing option. I’m increasing my length of standing each day, thanks to this desk. Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll incorporate it into walking while on goal.
  • 2020-12-23
    Easy to install and great look.
  • 2020-12-23
    Working at my dining table during the pandemic had started taking a toll on my overall well-being; which is why I bought this study table. So far I have been nothing but happy about the product. Here are a few reasons1) Build quality is very good. Even though this is an unknown brand, the quality is very good and feels premium.2) Looks good and goes well with the modern design of my home. Fits well in an apartment and is not too small or too big for a single person's use. I use my laptop, an external keyboard+ mouse, and a 27 in. monitor on this table and all of this fits well.3) Assembly - I wouldnt call assembling this table as the easiest thing to do but then there are videos + manuals for it. Also, it needs to be done just once and hence I wouldnt fret too much about it.Overall, great product and I am happy with my purchase during these pandemic times.
  • 2020-12-18
    This desk was fairly easy to put together, only a few minor hiccups looking over the directions and interpreting the images but figured it out quickly. The desk itself works great and is very sturdy and supports multiple monitors without an issue.
  • 2020-12-16
    I love my new desk! It’s sturdy and great for long days. I stand whenever I can and it even reminds me to stand or sit while I’m working.
  • 2020-12-11
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     I'm not going to lie, this took way longer than expected, but building this thing with my family was a definite chore. On the bright side, we have this awesome table that is adjustable. We haven't even decided on which area we want to place the object holder, or where we should place the remote because we are so excited. I'm happy that we can time the height adjustment because when my boyfriend works, he tends to forget when to stop working and stays sitting down. His back starts to cramp and tightens. I really love the different modes.It could also be the technology on this thing but the desk is pretty great for corporate people who are working from home like my boyfriend.Test: cup of coffee while adjusting height isn't a problem! Wires are in two ends of the table and as long as we have our extension cord, we are in good condition.
  • 2020-12-10
    Excellent product, easy to assemble.
  • 2020-12-09
    I love my new desk. It comes with lots of parts so be prepared to put aside at least 4 hours but it worth it. It’s great on space saving I have a small condo. The noise is nonexistent. I comes with pre drilled holes so that you can attach monitor arms if you have them. Best investment ever especially if you do lots of sedentary work.
  • 2020-12-08
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     Perfect desk for my work from home setup. It really helps with my long hours of working, I can easily adjust the height of it and can comfortable work even standing. And even setting up this desk is quite easy task.
  • 2020-12-01
    Very very nice I'm glad I decided to get it.i took 3 different pics so you can see how low and high it goes. Put together wasn't hard at all. Love it
  • 2020-12-01
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     First I want to start off that my previous table was glass and there would be so much dust and finger prints on it that it was too tiresome to constantly clean it and I eventually covered it with a cloth. This is exactly why i did not opt for the Costco standing desks....the finger prints are too much!! This table top is comprised of two really sturdy pieces of wood which makes this table unique on its own. There isn't a gap between these two pieces of wood so its very functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. I like the idea behind splitting the table top into two pieces as it cuts down on bulk when its being shipped. The legs of the table is a bit heavy but in my opinion, a sturdy base is needed for a table that will last long. One thing that I found out recently is that the height adjust control has a USB type A mini on the side so you can charge electronics if needed. Table comes with some accessories like a head phone holder and a mini desk organizer that swivels out. It is nice that the table top already has two punch out for cables to run through and the punch outs has a plastic cover that lock in cables so the cables don't get pulled in any way. The control and accessories are interchangeable so you can install the controls on which ever side you desire. This table can be adjusted very high, on my video, that is not even the highest setting. Maybe one day ill test how high this table can getAfter using this for a few weeks now and this has exceeded my expectations and I been standing up for about 85% of my work day. No more slouching or lumbar pains which is nice.
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