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  • 2020-12-09
    This product is priced right, and I appreciate the space it has. I am very disappointed in its lifting ability, with 2 monitors and a telephone, it is not easy to raise when going from sitting to standing, it requires both hands, and a fair amount of effort. It would be 5 stars if they fix this issue, I kinda wish I had bought an electric one, but I will just make due since I already set it up.
  • 2020-12-08
    This is my first home standing desk and I love it. Helps keep me awake in the afternoon and helps with back pain as well.While it works perfectly fine, I wish it had a little more push to lift both screen and laptop on its own.
  • 2020-12-07
    The keyboard shelf does not retract so it sticks out and there is no way to get it out if the way if needed. It raises and lowers fairly easily.
  • 2020-12-06
    It’s really nice and big but it cuts up my desk when moving up and down between height. Also the edges are realllly sharp which I didn’t notice at first but 40 hours a week with your forearms and elbows on it they ended up scabs after a couple weeks. Pretty easy fix but putting some padding on top of it but just good to know.
  • 2020-12-04
    The easily adjustable height is great. I can wear heels or kick the shoes off or anything in between. I’ve found my back pain has lessened since I’m able to stand and work whenever I want
  • 2020-12-03
    Is ok to use,not very stable, will move a little bit if you put 2hand on it
  • 2020-12-03
    It’s good. Only complaint is that it is heavy to pull up if you have two monitors on it. There is only one lever (on right hand side). I had other standing desk converters that was used in my work office which was much easier to pull up. I was barely able to fit both monitors.
  • 2020-11-23
    I got this today and it's already assembled. My chiropractor is going to be so happy with me. I can already feel the difference from spending a few hours on here versus a few hours hunched over my desk. Working at home has been an adjustment but things like this will help. I do wish it was a bit more heavy duty. It works. really well for now but I'm hoping it holds up well too!!
  • 2020-11-21
    Somehow I expected the bottom keyboard area to be able to lift and make a complete desk area if wanted as I am not using it for a computer.
  • 2020-11-20
    Came out of the box pretty much ready to use and great design to fit on smaller desks. Excellent purchase for the money. Only slight drawback is there is not as much hydraulic support like on other standing desks to help lift it up. This means you are lifting a lot more of the weight of whatever you put on top which in my case is 2-25 monitors, a laptop, docking station, keyboard, and mouse. Great to have all that fit on here to maximize utility while standing and working from home.
  • 2020-11-16
    This Flexispot riser is so easy to assemble and has ample space for two monitors, keyboard and mouse, plus reading glasses, papers etc. It glides up and down easily. I do notice a slight vibration or wobble of the monitors when standing to type. It’s not a deal breaker for me. I’m very pleased with it.
  • 2020-11-14
    Good product
  • 2020-11-09
    I like the standing desk. Very sturdy. Easy to lift up and down. The only thing you need to assemble is the keyboard area. The downside is the keyboard section is NOT removable. That was disappointing. Overall it’s a very good desk for the price, and helps relieve my painful back.
  • 2020-11-09
    I appreciated the easy to use design and especially the extra height. It's great for my work, where I have to stand and talk with people!
  • 2020-11-03
    I bought this for someone else and she couldn’t use it due to the space she had. So I decided to keep it and use it. I love it. The setup is so simple and takes 1 step to place and attach the keyboard tray. It’s perfect for my desk size. Easy one button pull up and down leaver for adjustable desk height. If you suffer from back pain due to prolong sitting , I suggest trying this ergonomic desk tray.
  • 2020-10-26
    We have purchased many varidesks for our employees, at a much higher price point, but needed one somewhat smaller, found this one, and it fits the employees desk just perfect. Would purchase again if needed for same purpose.
  • 2020-10-22
    I am so thankful to the person who invented this piece. I only wish the keyboard area was a little wider.
  • 2020-10-21
    This is a great item especially for working at home! During these times working from home is difficult if your regular workstation at work is set up ergonomically. Traditional stand sit risers like this can be hundreds of dollars. This is great value. I do feel at times that it’s not completely sturdy which is why it’s only getting four stars. I would also like to see a keyboard tray that lifts up and down. That would make it perfect. Other than that, this is a great buy!
  • 2020-10-20
    It works. I can put my laptop with docking station on the keyboard shelf and my 42 monitor on the main shelf. Moves up and down easily. Comfortable to use both standing and sitting. Plenty sturdy.
  • 2020-10-18
    Went together easily and works great.Cable routing options could be cleaner and the metal L bracket supports under the desk can interfere with monitor bracket placement if they aren't centered, as may be the case with some monitor mounts and 3 monitor set ups.Hydraulics are a little weak and it still requires some elbow grease to lift, but great option for the price.
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