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  • 2021-03-28
    Purchase one, then order other for my son, the standing table is great! Was very easy to assemble, I highly recommend the table.
  • 2021-03-08
    It just came today. It is just as described, and I think that it will work fine.The keyboard tray as a crack on the bottom side, but it doesn't change the usability of the tray.
  • 2021-03-06
    This would have received 5 stars but it arrived broken. From previous reviews it's a regular defect. I am happy with the price, overall ergonomics and appearance and would purchase again.
  • 2021-02-18
    I really like this desk. It’s very easy to assemble. You just screw the keyboard tray on and you’re done. It fits both of my 24” monitors. I just wish the height between my keyboard tray and monitor stand were 1” higher. Definitely not a deal breaker though.
  • 2020-12-21
    Larger than expected (which is great)! Set up was easy. I was worried because I have 3 monitors and all the photos I’ve seen on this item have only had 2. It is tight with 3 monitors (2 monitors and 1 laptop). Im just glad to get a riser! Reason for my 4 star and not 5 is because you have to pull it up from the top back. The last one I had was more stable so rising it from the keyboard was ok. This one drops fast, slow to pull up, but I imagine with less weight on it it’s easier. Also keyboard part is not stable so don’t lean on it or put any weight on it
  • 2020-12-17
    Great overall, easy to assemble, piece of cake to go up and down. It’s really difficult to use the mouse on the 2nd level tray even with your sensitivity all the way up there isn’t enough space without inconveniently lift mouse up and over time from time. Sounds minor by becomes annoying really quick.
  • 2020-10-11
    I am a minimalist in nature so I like to sit on a floor and move a lot with yoga block and foam roller while working for 8-10 hrs for office work.I like this product but I believe they should work on height more , please make next generation go higher for few more inches.
  • 2020-09-27
    I really like this for the size and ease of use. However it leaks oil all over the place - see photo. I reached out to the seller and will update on response.***UPDATE*** Seller responded quickly and shipped a replacement. Appreciate the prompt attention.
  • 2020-09-26
    This arrived in bad shape. The main desk is cracked and the side is beaten up. Terrible. Not sure who Packed it were shipped it but it’s in really bad conditionUpdated - the company replaced the damaged desk. New one is fantastic
  • 2020-06-06
    I loved the construction and ease of use of this desk. It's sturdy, easy to put together and raising and lowering is a breeze.My main issue with the desk is that I'm 5'2 and like to have a keyboard tray. The height of the desk at its lowest point with the tray attached means I have to raise my chair. This results in my feet not touching the floor. In the end it's not ergonomic to use the desk in the seated position with the tray attached. Not a big deal. Just remove the tray when sitting, right?Yes, and no. The tray is easy to remove and reattach when needed, but it's not light and can be cumbersome to keep hauling it to and from the desk whenever I change positions.Also being short and having my chair all the way down to the floor meant I felt like I was working in a cave, even by the window. Sitting straight is not enough. It's definitely designed for someone taller. I felt too small.My other issue was that there's very little desk space without the keyboard tray. With it you have plenty of room for the keyboard, mouse and any other items. Remove it and you've lost a lot of space and are left to juggle things on the desktop. I had to keep moving things around before I raised or lowered the desk.So why 4 stars? Because it's a great desk for anyone who is taller than I am. Great quality, and performance. I highly recommend it for someone who can use it with the tray attached at all times.
  • 2019-01-27
    I have Veridesk at work and I really wanted one for at home, but did not want to pay the steep Veridesk price. So I've spent the last few weeks reading reviews, watching videos, and scoping out sales and I finally decided that the Flexispot should fit what I need for about half the price. Here's a breakdown of the differences that I have noticed and which one I prefer in each category...Size - TieYou'll want to measure and determine what space you have, and what height would be best for your eye level. For my eye level at 5'4, both work great. For width I have a 35 Flexispot and a 36 Veridesk. I have 2 monitors at work, and 1 extra wide gaming monitor at home, so both monitor setups take up a decent amount of space. Luckily, both desk systems easily fit them.Raising/Lowering - Tie (for different reasons)I LOVE the fact that the Flexispot goes STRAIGHT UP, instead of pulling towards me like the Veridesk. It saves a lot of space and fits much better in my small home office. However, Veridesk has levers and both sides (Flexispot only has a lever on the right side) and it is a little easier to raise the Veridesk. However, anyone stronger than a 115lb petite female will probably have no issues with the Flexispot.Keyboard Tray - VerideskBoth have good sized trays that fit a keyboard and mouse. Veridesk gets the win because there is a little more room to move the mouse around. You can see in my picture that my mousepad hangs slightly off the tray with the Flexispot, but it is an oblong shape. A square pad may fit fine. It is worth mentioning that Flexispot allows you to easily remove the keyboard tray if you prefer (which the Veridesk does not) and that could be a helpful feature to some.Overall Quality - VerideskSlight edge to Veridesk as it feels a little sturdier, and the mechanics seem a little smoother (and lighter). However, I was surprised & impressed at the Flexispot quality. Definitely worth the price in terms of quality.Value - FlexispotHands down, Flexispot wins on value...It's more affordable and the quality difference is minimal. Ultimately, if you're looking for a Veridesk but don't want to pay $400, I would highly recommend this as an alternative.Conclusion - I am very satisfied with my purchase and would give the Flexispot a 4.5 rating if half stars were possible.