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(US EXCLUSIVE)PUTORSEN Standing Desk Converter – 32 inch Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk, Ergonomic Sit Stand Dual Monitor and Laptop Riser Workstation Black

(US EXCLUSIVE)PUTORSEN Standing Desk Converter – 32 inch Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk, Ergonomic Sit Stand Dual Monitor and Laptop Riser Workstation Black Item NO.: PTSD12-01V

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$ 85.87

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Product Name (US EXCLUSIVE)PUTORSEN Standing Desk Converter – 32 inch Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk, Ergonomic Sit Stand Dual Monitor and Laptop Riser Workstation Black
Item NO. PTSD12-01V
Weight 17.9623 kg = 39.6001 lb = 633.6015 oz
Category US Exclusive
Creation Time 2020-06-29

  • 【SMOOTH EASY LIFT & GAS SPRING ASSISTED HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT】Gas spring system allows you to adjust your position in seconds easily and comfortably. Height adjusts between 4.3'' to 20.4'' from the desktop. This height adjustable desk gives you the opportunity to work in a more ergonomic and comfortable position, easing pain that you may experience in your eyes, neck, and shoulders from sitting for extended periods at a time.
  • 【EXTRA SPACIOUS WORK&KEYBOARD AREA】The top surface measures 31.5” x 15.7”, which accommodate two moderately sized monitors or a monitor and a laptop. Unique U-shaped desktop design provides an additional 25% of space to the keyboard tray, you'll have plenty of room for a full-size keyboard and mouse or trackpad.
  • 【STURDY STRUCTURE】A standing desk converter you can trust! Its strong base can hold up to 37.4 lbs.! Sturdy enough to hold all of your favorite accessories, and anything your super powers require. This stand up desk converter can be placed on virtually any flat surface or desk without slipping.
  • 【EASY TO ASSEMBLE】PUTORSEN adjustable height desk with removable keyboard tray is almost ready to go right out of the box! Place on your existing desk, attach the keyboard tray and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity without wasting time on setup.
  • 【TRUSTWORTHY】When you buy through PUTORSEN, you get our fantastic LIFE-TIME warranty! PUTORSEN friendly tech support to help with any questions or concerns.



Been using this product for a week and it has been awesome! Very sleek looking on my desk and easy to bring to a stand and back down. It has been extremely helpful with my back problems. I’m a happy customer!



I bought this in Dec, but the handle broke after a few weeks. The customer service was very helpful and sent a replacement with extra packaging.



The hydraulic lift seems to work well and it does not feel wobbly on top of my desk. I'm super happy with my purchase and already am feeling like my back is straighter because I'm not slumping over my desk. Added benefit, I get tired sitting and staring at a screen. Haven't been experiencing the normal afternoon slump.



It was super easy to assemble and made my entire desk more organized. Absolutely love it and would recommend for someone who needs a riser for their at home equipment



I bought this product because I have been sitting in front of my desk working all day long since the pandemic, and my back began hurting a lot. This product saved my life! It's working nicely and has great ergonomic design. Now I am able to stand up working on my laptop and easily adjust the height of my work zone. Additionally, the price was reasonable compared to other sellers. Although due to the holidays and the pandemic the package was delayed, their customer service was responsive and great. I would highly recommend this product.



Went together very easily, works well easy to raise and lower great asset to our home asset.



In love with this! Great price easy to assemble and move up and down. Makes me feel so much better during the day when I’m able to stand and not be sitting the entire time.



Very sturdy. Works for me at 6' 2



I purchased this because, after Covid, I started working from home. It's very comfortable and easy to assemble. Sitting on the chair and working from home, sometimes it's complicated. I am getting back pain, and with this standing desk, I am working while standing also. This is making me work easy while standing. This we can use it as a standing desk and even sit on the floor and work. It has a cable hole to make it clean and organized cables. Overall it's outstanding quality and the price. I love this standing desk and happy to work using desk.



It is just a bit hard to lower down when I want to sit down.



For the time being, I am teaching most of my classes virtually. This product allows me to not be confined to a chair while teaching. It was easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold my laptop as well as another monitor.



So I had a vendor talk to me regarding sedentary disease. Don't know what that is? It's pretty much means your body is meant to move and not just sit around all day. So I took a look at my schedule. Wake up, get ready for work, SIT in a car, get to the office, SIT at my desk for 8 hours, leave the office, SIT in a car, get home, SIT on the couch, go to bed. I know that's a lot of us, so I decided every little bit would help. This standing desk converter definitely helps so that at least I can switch from siting to standing throughout the work day.Pretty much came assembled already and just needed to screw on the keyboard tray. Very easy to do.Lever on the side acts as a brake release so that you can adjust the height as needed and the resistance is perfect so you don't strain lowering or raising the platform. Very happy so far.



It works great. It worth the money you spent



I wish the keyboard tray was a little larger and expanded out a little bit more on the sides since my mousepad feels a little cramped on it (to be fair, it’s a larger mousepad). I also had to get a compact keyboard to make it work. But besides that, I am really in love with this desk. The assembly was quick and feels sturdy even on top of my rickety metal table. It moves so smoothly up and down, and you can adjust to any height (continuous, not discreet/stepped settings). It feels quality and even comes with some little clips and zip ties for cable management. Really happy with this purchase other than I wish the keyboard tray was slightly longer.



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 I love how easy it is to assemble and put my monitors on. I love how high it goes.The only issue: I am missing one of the pegs for the feet. Does anyone know how I would get a replacement??



I have been looking for desk that is portable and solid with height adjustment. I bought this desk because the size perfect I'm looking for and easy to move around. Comes pretty much assembled, all I had to do was add the keyboard tray. I'm loving every minute when I'm using it because I can change position from sitting on the ground to sitting on the couch in seconds. I would recommend it any one looking for medium size portable desk.



Larger than expected (which is great)! Set up was easy. I was worried because I have 3 monitors and all the photos I’ve seen on this item have only had 2. It is tight with 3 monitors (2 monitors and 1 laptop). Im just glad to get a riser! Reason for my 4 star and not 5 is because you have to pull it up from the top back. The last one I had was more stable so rising it from the keyboard was ok. This one drops fast, slow to pull up, but I imagine with less weight on it it’s easier. Also keyboard part is not stable so don’t lean on it or put any weight on it



Serves the purpose. Little difficult or heavy to push down. Assembling was easy.



Assembled in three minutes, surprisingly sturdy, moves up and down very easily, fits great on my desk. I've got a laptop, and one screen with a stand and a keyboard, with plenty of room to spare, on a cheap steel-and-glass IKEA laptop desk. I'm 5'10 and much more comfortable now, but I do wish it had maybe one extra inch to raise, which I can just put the laptop on a textbook. If I had a decent monitor stand, it'd be perfect, but that's my fault, so five stars: performs exactly as advertised.



This is exactly what I needed. It is very easy to adjust and holds its position. I like the fact that the adjustments are not preset like some others. Very sturdy!