Home>Sit-Stand Workstation>(EU EXCLUSIVE)PUTORSEN® Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter Stand Up Desk Riser Ergonomic Standing up Workstation with Keyboard Tray, 37.4 Wide Platform - Compatible with Monitor Arm
(EU EXCLUSIVE)PUTORSEN® Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter Stand Up Desk Riser Ergonomic Standing up Workstation with Keyboard Tray, 37.4  Wide Platform - Compatible with Monitor Arm

(EU EXCLUSIVE)PUTORSEN® Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter Stand Up Desk Riser Ergonomic Standing up Workstation with Keyboard Tray, 37.4 Wide Platform - Compatible with Monitor Arm Item NO.: Hasd-282n

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Product Name (EU EXCLUSIVE)PUTORSEN® Standing Desk Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter Stand Up Desk Riser Ergonomic Standing up Workstation with Keyboard Tray, 37.4 Wide Platform - Compatible with Monitor Arm
Item NO. Hasd-282n
Weight 15.6 kg = 34.3921 lb = 550.2738 oz
Category Sit-Stand Workstation
Creation Time 2020-02-18

  • ✅ SMOOTH EASY LIFT & GAS SPRING ASSISTED HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT - Gas spring system allows you to adjust your position in seconds easily and comfortably. Control your desk converter with easy to use dual handles. Simply hold the handles on each side and raise or lower your standing desk converter within seconds.
  • ✅ ERGONOMIC HEIGHT RANGE & REDUCE EYE, NECK AND BACK STRAIN - Height adjusts between 4.2'' to 19.7'' from the desktop. The height adjustment allows more than 200 height adjustable positions, with a maximum height of 19.75''. This height adjustable desk gives you the opportunity to work in a more ergonomic and comfortable position, easing pain that you may experience in your eyes, neck, and shoulders from sitting for extended periods at a time.
  • ✅ DUAL TIER 37'' LARGE WORK SURFACE & FULL SIZE KEYBOARD TRAY - At almost 38" in width, this ergonomic desk converter has plenty of space for all of your devices, allowing you to raise your entire dual-monitor workstation to a more comfortable height. The top surface measures 37" x 24" providing plenty of space for single monitor, dual monitor, and laptop + monitor setups while also including an ergonomic keyboard tray and a convenient tablet slot.
  • ✅ SUPERIOR STABILITY & PROTECT YOUR DESK - A standing desk converter you can trust! Its strong base can hold up to 38 lbs.! Sturdy enough to hold all of your favorite accessories, and anything your super powers require. Featuring non-skid silicone pads on the base, this stand up desk converter can be placed on virtually any flat surface or desk without slipping and sliding or leaving scratches.
  • ✅ PRE-ASSEMBLED & FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Very minimal assembly out of the box! You will only need to connect the keyboard tray with 4 screws (provided in the box). Place on your existing desk and start organizing your workstation. We are so confident in this innovative and ergonomic design and all our standing desk converter are backed with a full 5-YEAR WARRANTY.



A large sturdy desk, with smooth height adjustment. It was a little bit awkward to set up in the first instance just due to it's size and weight (I'm quite small though), but since it's been set up I couldn't be happier.



Very nice desk, I use it with a walking pad underneath so I can walk and work !



Great product and easy to assemble.



As advertised, quick delivery



Installed in minutes and feels like a robust piece of kit. I also bought the optional bracket for the monitors which work really well. Perhaps a bit industrial looking but it's a workspace not a spa. Good length on the power cable.



Since working from home from the start of the initial lockdown March 2019, I have had back issues with not having the right set up at home. I recently moved and bought a proper desk and converter as pictured. It has changed my whole working day and has relieved my back and neck pain! Could easily support a dual screen bar too. I highly recommend to purchasing, I just wish I bought sooner!



I love this unit, sits on my home office desk and, along with a dual screen mount, meets my needs perfectly! Enables me to stand or sit depending on mood, changing height quickly and easily with everything at a good level with no other adjustment required. Keyboard tray being lower is a real benefit for me also. Whole unit is sturdy and was quick to put together



Great product, very sturdy, works well and has alleviated previous shoulder problems I had associated with sitting all day.



Very easy to assemble and takes no time at all. Sturdy and makes the transition between standing and sitting easy. It is a pretty heavy bit of kit so be careful moving it.So far it's looking to be one of the few purchases that is a life changer.If anything changes, I'll amend the review.



If you're on the fence about standing desks (or about exactly which one to get), I can totally recommend this one. It's not as cheap as some other models, but totally worth it.Spending money on ergonomics is an important investment!



Really good stand, very sturdy and well engineered, it would probably be improved if equipped with stronger gas struts to make raising easier when stand is loaded with big laptops and monitors. Other than that when stand is locked in position it works as it should.


D ****yd

Solid and well built. Quite heavy for the middle size so large size I suspect requires a strong person or two people to lift.



Wish I had invested in one of these years ago as it would have saved me a small fortune in physio fees for my neck. Fantastic and can't recommend enough.



Working from home for 12 hours a day sitting at desk was making much of my body ache. I now switch between working sitting and standing regularly and this has really helped. I was worried how sturdy it would be but I also added a Duronic dual arm to it and have 2 27” monitors attached and everything glides up and down smoothly. Whilst fairly big, it has improved my working area and giving me the freedom to move around whilst on video conferences. Highly recommended if you sit at a desk for many hours.



Very sturdy, easy to assemble and use, moves up and down at the press of a button, after one week of use my back pain / sciatica has improved massively. I now stand up for half of my day. I have the large electric version and it is a great size for a lap top, separate screen and camera with space for key board / notebook



Very good value for money and easy to assemble and use. We should've bought it earlier :-)



Very happy with this purchase. Helps me to struggle less with sciatic pain. Also, standing up while working keeps me more energised. The table is of high quality, smoothly goes up and down with two handles on the side without the standing screen wobbling. I can only recommend this to anyone who works from home a lot.



Fantastic value, delivered so quickly it actually surprised me and is perfect for what I need to comfortably work from home



Ordered the Electric version after reading lots of really good reviews. Opened up the package and followed instructions however it turned out that the buttons to move the desk up and down were missing, even though the associated wiring/plug was provided with the desk.That being said, customer service acted quickly to provide a replacement. Feels very sturdy, really good product and ample space for 2 screens. Advise double-checking the length of your desk, especially if you have a shorter desk, otherwise this is going to hang over and might be awkward.



Hit my 40's now and after years to having some back trouble (ever so slightly) I thought I better invest in a standing desk. Checked around and the prices are extortionante for a full blown desk that rises. I sit on my desk for more hours then I care to mention, thats was even before lockdown. Anyway, this little beuty popped up and after the examination of the price by my wife and the fact I mentioned health benefits she gave me the seal of approval to spend £200 on the electric version of this.First of all the desk is heavy! Luckly I do some weight lifting so it was not too bad but cubersome to hold - so I suggest two people. I have been using it for a few weeks now and the only problem (if I can call it that) I have is the size of the thing - as in thats a positive and negative. My existing desk is basically gone and replaced with this beast. Its so long that it goes over my desk (my desk is 60cm in width) and thats the problem - when you raise it and you put a bit of weight on it then it hangs forward and you think the whole thing will fall. Although it has not and its very sturdy. However just in case I bought some CT1 glue and glued the end feet to the desk plus added some 2KG weights on either side and that has completly stopped the hanging effect.I have my heavy laptopn and monitor on it. I used to have a stand for the monitor but bought a moitor extender arm so its easy to free up space on the desk and move up and down when in various positions.The electric bottons are brilliant - you just touch them and they do their job. You can see from the photos the extention of the desk that goes over it. I also bought a standing mat as if your on hard flooring then you need that. Lastly, I have added my sockets to the back of this beast and its hidden away so no poblem there.Conclusion - should have bought it ages ago and I am typing this standing up!